Day 136 of 180

Silly me.  Why would I think he wanted to actually review the observation?  Not really.  Instead he wanted to tell me that my classroom was a mess and it was upsetting other people.  Not the two of us who teach out of this room, and prep FOURTEEN CLASSES out of this room, but Biggies from “Down Town” weren’t pleased.

Seriously?  Why is this a thing?  My desk is a mess right now.  It’s been the worst it’s been in the four years I’ve been here.  I can admit that.  But I’m going to say this again.  Over a two week span, the work-wife and I teach 14 classes.  We are prepping constantly, and we just throw stuff on our desks because we’re overwhelmed.

Waah, waah, I’m whining and giving excuses.  I do that a lot.  However this is a huge trigger for me because where the students learn is not messy.  Where I lay my lap top is.  So why do they care?


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