Day 139 of 180!

It’s been a rough week.  On Thursday, many students and staff were out for a funeral.  The funeral was for one of the ninth grade girls in our school.  Apparently, her boyfriend, her friends, and she were playing with a handgun.  She went into the hospital last Thursday, and died on the Friday morning.  She was fifteen years old.

This morning, one of my former students – a junior in high school this year – told me that one of my other students from his class last year is going to be a dad.  He and his girlfriend, a FRESHMAN, are going to have a baby.  Perhaps because I’m perpetually immature, even at 40, but the thought of children freak me out, and the thought of children having children SUPER freaks me out.

In other news, I have to evaluate my goals.  I make the BIG GOALS but forget about the baby steps.  What’s that adage?  I don’t mean “look before you leap” but that’s what keeps coming to mind.  It’s not “don’t count your chicken before they hatch” either.  Anyway, I keep saying I’m going to do this!  but whatever this! is, it’s a lofty goal.  Drink All The Water! Walk all the steps! Do ALL the something!  And then I get overwhelmed because I’m not doing all of it.  Instead of planning; first increase your water intake and step count.  Next; do it again.  Next; again do it again.  I need to learn this lesson.  I don’t want to keep making myself crazy and overwhelmed and depressed.


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