Day 2/24 – Summer School Edition

I’m teaching not at my school, but a different school for the summer.  It’s in a program for student who failed three out of 4 major subjects in ninth grade.  The school is trying to figure out if these students will make it to the next grade.  Right now, I’m not sure that it will happen.

There are kids who are chronically “sick” (though I’m thinking it could be anxiety or crappy home lives)  who need to sleep and aren’t completing work.  There are two kids who I’m fairly certain are high as EFF, and came in to get breakfast cause they had the munchies.

The real issue, as I’m seeing it, is that these students don’t know how to be students.  Come to class: do your work; don’t talk on the phone IN CLASS; heck, don’t have the phone in class; don’t talk over your teacher giving instructions; complete your work.  I think that my next 22 days (after they finish the pre-test today) will be working with these students on how to be students, not as much on what they need to complete academically.  My guess is that the latter begets the former.



Day 180 of 180!

Today is the day!  180 of 180!  I can’t believe my original babies (the class of 2016) has graduated.  I can’t believe I’ve now completed my 4th year here.  I’ve been here approximately half as long as I was at NEARI.  That’s pretty hard to comprehend.

Yesterday there were 3 students in my first class.  I’m thinking 1 today.  Weird district fact:  grades closed on Thursday of last week.  I wouldn’t have shown up after Friday, and if I checked with all my teachers and knew my grades were set?  I’d have left at the half way point.  True story.

Summer school starts for me on Monday.  I’ll do a week over at the high school next to where I work during the school year.  Most of my night school students came from there.  It will be different, but a good perspective for me.

Day 1 of 25 will start soon enough 🙂

Day 170 of 180

Graduation is tonight.  The students who greeted me on my very first days teaching here at Putnam are parting ways with Putnam.  This class started as the first class in the new building and now they’re departing.  I’m so proud of them. These are amazing young adults.  Watching them grow from confused kids, just out of middle school, to who they are now is beyond comprehension.  They have job skills from their vocations.  They have diplomas.  They’re going on to trade schools and colleges, some are going full time into jobs that they’ve had for over a year and a half through the school.

Last year my first set of tenth graders graduated, and I was all kinds of emotional.  They were smart, talented, and as a class extremely driven. This class, the class of 2016, got lost along the way, but they figured it out in the end.  It took them – as a class – longer to figure out what they wanted.  It took them longer to focus.  But they got there.  In the end.

And I can’t wait to see them walk across the stage.