T – 14 days of 170 2020-2021

It’s been almost a year since I last wrote, and honestly, I thought it would take me longer to return. Last year was hellacious (and I’m not talking about every day after March 13th which was a “virtual” surprise). It seems that every 8 – 9 years I become so disillusioned by education, myself, my administrators, co-workers, life, alien invasions, who knows. Whatever it is, it kicks me in the head and makes me want to cry for years. What does this mean for this year? Well, let me tell you. It means, I’m going to be in a new school this year!

June 30th was my last day at my former school. I interviewed and transferred during the school shut down. I’ve done all my professional development for the upcoming year on Zoom. On the 15th of this month, I’ll start teaching kids who have potentially been in the school (it’s a combined middle & high school) for 3 more years than me. This feels weird.

Such is life, I suppose. Digital notebooks, attendance rosters, unit 0, and unit 1 completed. Plus, even though I bought some cute shoes, I don’t have to wear them. Kind of a win.