Day 73 of 180

Nothing like realizing that you had counted one extra day and you were actually one day behind.  Bah humbug.  However, it’s Friday, and next week is only 2.5 days and my students are researching their fool heads off on topics surrounding WW II before we start reading Night when they return.    At least, that’s what my 10th graders are doing.  They’ll finish that research after break.  My gift to them is to not read about war and death and atrocity that has already happened when there is so much in their streets every day.

My AP Lit seniors are also doing research, but they’re looking at literary terms and political/scientific influences on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.  They’ll be presenting on their topics today before starting The Awakening over this break.  I’m not sure how we’ll all do with this.  It’s a new book to me as well.  I’m excited.

Next week, in those last days before break, I’m doing some vocab building and front loading of time period information on Great Gatsby for 11th graders, and trying to finish Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian with my 9th graders.

I can get this all done.

I think.

I hope.

I can.


Day 64 of 180

I made it through the week!  I made it through the week!  I was observed yesterday by a consultant.  I’m trying to remain optimistic because I think she has a lot she can teach me, but I’m so tired of being observed.  I’m tired of wondering what I’m doing wrong, or what I’m going to accidentally do.  It doesn’t matter if I have a phenomenal day with the most amazing outcomes.  I’m still going to wonder. Also, what’s really hard to believe is when someone says, “this is just between you and me” or “this is no way evaluative”.  Well that’s just stupid, because while it might not be used on my evaluations, of course it’s evaluative.  I understand the difference, but I get frustrated with the language.

Day 61 of 180

Today I am grateful for students who would plan a surprise party for one of their friends who might not have a great day otherwise.  The birthday girl is the second youngest in the classroom, and she lives in a crappy part of the city.  This love from the kids in her classes clearly made her day.