Day 93 of 180 2016-2017

We’ve made it past the half way point!  Yay!  Things are moving along here in leaps and bounds.  That always happens in January and February.  It slooooooooooooows down in March, and then BANG!  Hello April, May, June.  Peace out, All.  Craziness.

I’m fairly certain my work wife will be leaving me for a new state at the end of the year.  She and I will have shared a room for four years.  And, honestly, the location is the least of it.  Food runs, birthdays, laughter, tears, gossip, anger, love, sadness, peace, pride, and every other emotion.  All of that will be gone at the end of the year if she does move.

It makes me wonder if I should take that as a sign to transfer schools, or if I should try to stick it out another year.  Realistically, with everything going on in the US, I feel like staying where I am is probably the better choice.  Technically, as long as I move within the district, I don’t lose years or time in.  However, I can’t help but think ‘last one in, first one out’.  So here I stay, and sit, and try to be the best me that I can be.

Clean cup!  Move down!

I don’t post a lot to TeachersPayTeachers.  I love the site, but I haven’t put up as much as I’d like to put up there.  What I’ve learned from the experience, regardless, is that it makes me more brave.  I have done a lot more to put myself out there in other parts of my life.  I think it has to do with taking these first steps.  I can’t say enough positive about plans and activities that I have gotten from there, and the pleasure of adding my own pieces to this great site.

And finally!

I’ve started a creative writing club with some of my fellow-teachers.  It met this past Monday.  I thought, “Maybe five students will show up.”  Thirteen showed, with more saying that they would be at the next one!  Craziness.  I’m in the process of capitalizing on this momentum for my own writing, and to create a writing retreat for twenty-five to thirty students over April break.

Over all, though the hit of possibly losing the work wife is a major hit, I’d say the ups outweigh the downs.  Not a bad place to be at the half way point.


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