Day 83 of 180 2016-2017

Hello World,

It’s been awhile.  While not technically on the home stretch, I always think of it as the home stretch as soon as we hit day 81.  So in my mind, we’re definitely getting there.  I have some amazing students this year.  We’ve been able to forge some amazing bonds.  This was shown to me most clearly today.

One of my 10th graders asked where I had been last week.  Here, but I didn’t see you.  What’s up?  I had an appointment with my physician and I wanted to talk to you first.  Now, I knew it wasn’t pregnancy, so I was confused.  But then he proceeded and it all made sense.

He has been identifying as a lesbian since age 14, but in truth, has identified as a male since 12.  His parents do not know, and will not know.  They have spoken about disowning any child who might be queer.  Trans would definitely be included under that.  But he wanted to know about the process, and figured out that I was someone who he could talk to about it.

That makes two students this year.  I wonder if the school knows?  Does administration have a sense of who their kids are?  I’m collecting resources.  I’m guessing our staff needs more educating than our students.


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