Day 17 of 180 2016-17

Tomorrow is day 18, which means a tenth of our year will officially be in the books.  For us, that means that progress reports are due.  It’s bizarre.  This one comes so early.  I always think it should be:

  • 180 days = year ends
  • 90 days = semesters end
  • 45 days = quarters end
  • 22 or 23 days = progress reports end

Maybe it’s done differently because of a concern about snow days later in the year?  Maybe there is logic at work that I don’t understand as a teacher of ELA?  Maybe something else entirely?  The world is full of too many maybes for me to understand.

What is helping me to understand life better is continuing to use my bullet journal, now in a Traveler’s Notebook, to organize my thoughts.  It’s helping me keep much better track of my notes this year.  Plus, because a TN uses inserts, while I continue to use the index concept of a Bullet Journal, I can also separate my thoughts into different types.  For me, this is HUGE.

Read 180 and Enrichment continue marching ever forward.  All I need is a desk, and life will be good.


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