Day 10 of 180 2016-17

Today is day 10.  1/18th down.  I’m surprised by how much I’m going to like teaching Read180.  People told me it was super prescribed and left no room for originality, but that is not the case.  The students and I give it originality every day.  Neither of my classes are alike.  Their personalities change the way I teach whole group and small group lessons.  What they get through on the computer changes them.  While the stations are clearly defined, that’s the least of what they should be doing.  I’m enjoying it.

My 10th graders are working in groups on posters that advertise their shops.  It’s cute.  They’ve all got serious opinions on what is important, and it’s nice to see them so passionately focused on their work.  I’ll post pictures of the posters once the kids have presented on them.


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