Day 1 of 180 2016-17

Welcome back all you playing along with the home edition.  New year, new home base, lots of rooms, and we’ll figure it out from there.  I’m remaining positive, but I’m clearly anxious.  Apparently, even when I’m amused, people want to fix it for me.  (Whatever it may be.)  There aren’t enough ways to say, “Way above your pay grade, Buddy!” because inevitably, that’s a true statement.

Class 1: 16 of 26 showed up.  Starting class tomorrow and trying again.

Class 2: 0 of 2 showed up.  But 2 showed up who weren’t supposed to be in the class, but were scheduled into this room.

Class 3: 3 of 3 showed up.  But 1 left to transfer out, so, huh.

Class 4: All but 3 showed up, so that was mostly victorious!  A lot of the students have big personalities, but fortunately I knew them last year.

Class 5: None of my students have shown up.  They were all told they were to go to C211.  Meanwhile, my schedule says F230.  The class ends shortly.


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