Day 24/24 – Summer School Edition!

And we’re done!  Twenty four days in the bag.  I’ll tell my truth:  I miss kids like this.  I do.  I like my regular year students, don’t get me wrong, but I miss kids like this.  I miss kids who are honest about their bads, worse, and their goods.  I miss ones who make me cry but still challenge me.

I think I checked out for some of the regular year; threw in the towel, phoned it in, whatever you want to call it.  There was something in me that felt dead this year.  It was a disservice to my students, and to myself.  I need to change that next year, or I need to look for a new job.  Hopefully, these 5 weeks somewhere else will rejuvenate me enough to make it through this school year.

My second truth:  unless there is a miracle this year, I’ll be placing transfer papers in April.


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