Day 103 of 180

Welcome back from February break!  I didn’t do a lot on my list at all, but I had a great break.  So, I don’t know, six of one, half a dozen of the other.  Re-entry is always rough, but this is a short week for students (PD on Friday for staff).

I wasn’t ready with photocopies.  I need to do that.  I need to make a list and continue to photocopy during the afternoons or something.  I’m not getting into the building in a time where I can fight with the copier or with other people to use the copiers.  Not that I need to fight with my co-workers, we’re surprisingly civil to each other about it, but the copier itself?  Heck yeah.

I’m ready for AP now.  My students’ scores are back from the mock AP exam they took.  They were … not pretty.  A bummer, but hopefully a wake up call.  Today we’re going to do some practice.  I’m hoping if they do this work, and write out justifications, that maybe I can figure out where they’re going wrong.

Blech.  I’m not a fan of standardized tests.


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