February Break – Day 3 of 5

I’m currently sitting in Panera, using their wifi and eating some breakfast.  Today I’m going to run some errands and then sit in front of the computer, my planner, and a notebook.  My goal is to get back to being real with my teaching.  I feel like I’ve been phoning it in far too much.

It doesn’t feel quite like burnout, or at least, not as burnout is described in the bazillion of articles I’ve read on the subject.  I feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions at school with things I want to try, and things that my administrators are asking for, and things that my district is asking for, etc., etc., etc.  Unfortunately, what happens with that is I feel like I’m never getting to the so what of it all.  And, if I’m not getting there, my students definitely aren’t.

I need a plan to get back to what my kids and I need.  Organization, logic, lessons that go from beginning to end in a day, and also a week.  We need closure and connections.  I sure do.  And judging from the work I’ve been receiving, trust me, they definitely do.

My to do list so far:

  1. Posters for the seniors on the girls’ basketball team (senior day on Friday)
  2. Some anchor charts for my tenth graders to review open responses
  3. Unit plans using UbD guides
  4. Clean my desk at school – maybe on Friday after the game?
  5. Review my many Pinterest lists to figure out no more than 3 useful strategies to focus on
  6. Enter information into my SEEDS portfolio (MA teacher performance evaluation system)

I’m only willing to go up to number 10 because I’m trying not to go crazy.  I think this is a good list.  It feels manageable without adding stress.  *Fingers crossed*


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