Day 81 of 180

And we’re done for the day!  Now I’ve had all my classes at least once since break.  It’s challenging to get students into academic work mode when they’ve had vacation and then a week of vocational work.

I had partially prepped an activator sheet for them.  Turns out I needed to prep it more.  In reality, I need pictures of it, and not just use the example.  However, I think that now that the kids have done it once, it shouldn’t be as confusing other weeks.

When using an interactive notebook, I wonder if I should have a prep day every quarter, where we number pages, insert some sheets that I know we’ll use, fill in what  we can, and so forth.  Would that be a waste of a day, or would it be a time saver?  Obviously I can’t guess everything because things change, but I do know that I need activator sheets.  I do know that pages need to be numbered.  I know that the table of contents can be at least partially filled out.  Time to do some research!

More research:  Where do people put vocabulary sections in the INBs?  Not vocabulary for a novel necessarily, but the important terms that would be used in any unit, in the case of ELA I’m talking about literary terms and maybe Greek and Latin roots..  Do people create one section or put it through out?  I was thinking of putting it directly after the Table of Contents so that the list can keep growing that way.


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