Day 80 of 180!

100 days left, Ladies and Gentlemen!  100 days left and finally I feel like I’m getting into a rhythm.  This year has been a crazy ride so far.  However, I have an essay on my left turned in by one student.  I have other students in front of me who are finishing them up.  Focusing on the positives! (Two more essays were just turned in!)

I sold my first item on TeachersPayTeachers this week.  I won’t lie, it made me feel super cool.  I’ve got more things to put up too!  I’m loving my interactive notebooks.  I’ve purchased quite a few items – and they are awesome – but creating my own has helped me more.  The more I focus on my own foldables, the more I understand not only the how but the why of it.

As of today I only have two items in my store, but I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks.  Check me out, yo! Many of the items I’ll be adding are for helping my poorly organized students organize within their interactive notebooks.


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