Day 57 of 180

Friday.  Next week we have only two days.  The students we see today, we don’t see for a week.  This is normal, but when they know there is a teeny week between this time and the next, they get a bit crazy.

“Miss, I don’t wannnnnna work.”  
“But Miss, it’s FRIDAY!”  
“But Miss ….”

And so I took a PDF of the The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, read it to my classes, and taught them how to answer MCAS Long Composition prompts with it.  I refuse to not be productive.  Apparently, I am the Grinch.

Good points of this:  I love reading to the kids.  Many of the kids benefit from this and, sadly, have not had enough experience with people reading to them for pleasure.  I want to incorporate more children’s lit into my classes.  I say that every year, but this year I’m trying to invest in these books for real.

Bad points of this:  Students cannot see how they are benefiting from this and think that I think they’re stupid.  I need a better introduction to my children’s books, probably in my syllabus, so that they understand why we are using them.

Sad reality:  I asked a group of students if they had stories read to them when they were children, and the closest they could think about it was “I saw a lot of Disney movies.  Does that count?”


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