Day 180 of 180!

Today is the day!  180 of 180!  I can’t believe my original babies (the class of 2016) has graduated.  I can’t believe I’ve now completed my 4th year here.  I’ve been here approximately half as long as I was at NEARI.  That’s pretty hard to comprehend.

Yesterday there were 3 students in my first class.  I’m thinking 1 today.  Weird district fact:  grades closed on Thursday of last week.  I wouldn’t have shown up after Friday, and if I checked with all my teachers and knew my grades were set?  I’d have left at the half way point.  True story.

Summer school starts for me on Monday.  I’ll do a week over at the high school next to where I work during the school year.  Most of my night school students came from there.  It will be different, but a good perspective for me.

Day 1 of 25 will start soon enough 🙂


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