Day 147 of 180!

My babies are taking their AP Literature and Composition exam as I type this.  For mostly obvious reasons, I can’t be one of their proctors, but I wish I could!  I don’t want to give them answers, honest.  However, my school first asked me to take on AP Literature because they wanted someone who would nurture the students, build the students’ confidence.  I’ve always done my best, but now I wish I could be with them.

As far as I know, it’s the last time I’ll teach AP Lit here at Putnam.  At least for the foreseeable future.  While I like teaching the books, and I enjoy pulling out knowledge from my English Lit major, I never took an AP test.  I don’t think I could pass one now.  It seems hypocritical to then try and teach them how to prepare for this test.  Also, unlike the MCAS, which requires students to learn skills they should learn anyway, AP is more specific testing strategies.  I don’t have those.

They’ve been testing for about an hour.  The multiple choice should be about done.  They’ll be going on break and then back for another two hours to do three essays.  I’m going to bite my nails down to nothing and pace a new groove into the floor.  Sympathy stress for the win.


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