Day 122 of 180

Integrated Enrichment writing period means that I write as well, so that the kids know that I don’t believe that they should be doing it by themselves.  I don’t always remember to model everything, but I try to do so when i can.  Why not use this time productively, right?

In truth I haven’t done much that’s been productive recently.  What I thought was just a cough was the flu.  Steroids and antibiotics and elevated blood sugars because of the steroids! Wheeeeee!  So.  much.  fun.

MCAS begins tomorrow for 10th graders across Massachusetts. Some students take PARCC.  I imagine some students are involved in opt-out movements.  My tenth graders will be taking it, as far as I know.  Although, I heard from one student that another student might be out because she’s in some other state?!?!?!?  Why would parents/guardians take a student out of classes to go to another state not only NOT during vacation, but DURING mandatory state testing.  This kid is focused and, I imagine, will do fine.  But it seems like such a set up.

Night school is over.  I didn’t think it was going to be such a bad thing, but the wife was right.  I have no business teaching Night School during February.  In some ways, it might have helped.  It gave me some focus during a time in which I usually fall into the doldrums.  However, because I do fall into the lack-of-light/grey-and-dark/when-will-winter-end? doldrums, it made the whole thing that much more intense for me.  (I won’t lie, the extra money was nice.)



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